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Woo-hoo! All 552 of The Simpsons episodes will air consecutively on FXX this summer.
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Magic Kingdom #tbt #waltdisneyworld
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Magic Kingdom #tbt #waltdisneyworld

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Finding the Light with @fabsgrassi

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"I believe in getting my hands dirty more than I believe in inspiration, but I can’t deny that a book, a song or a conversation can fuel my energy for shooting," says São Paulo Instagrammer Fabs Grassi (@fabsgrassi). “The idea that we have an infinite creative repertoire inside of us reminds me of the Ansel Adams quote, ‘You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.’”

Fabs, a fashion designer, considers himself just a regular guy. “I have a job and I like going out with my friends. Of course, waking up at six in the morning to catch the right light for a photograph does not seem normal to most people.” Recently, however, Fabs shifted his focus from street photography to portraits. As he explains, “In 2013 my street photography sort of hit a wall. I felt it was time to try and refresh my ideas and find something less frenetic. I started picking out songs by my favorite bands and attempting to recreate their atmosphere through photography. I got some friends of mine to pose for these shots. They were really nice and brave about being my guinea pigs.”

Fabs has also started incorporating shadows, once used heavily in his street photography, into his portraits. “Shadows help create a really unique atmosphere for each photo session, where light takes on a different form in each portrait. I try to create an intimate image, something that feels languid and not too sexy. Usually, the woman posing in the photograph greatly influences the final result, so a photo session might start one way and have a surprising outcome.”

¡50 publicaciones!
Mar 28, 2014

¡50 publicaciones!


Wall Art | Sacred Paintings
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Kurt Cobain is getting his own tribute comic book next month.
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